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"Recreational Therapy gave me my life back.  After my MS diagnosis, I thought all I'd be able to do was channel surf.  I wasn't even sure I'd be able to play video games with my son as the disease progressed.  But my therapist showed me differently.  First, she taught me how I could adapt my favorite activity, basketball.  Then she showed me how I could stay cool enough to be active without having an exacerbation.  Unbelievably, she helped me find new favorite activities - I LOVE handcycling!  When I started having to use a wheelchair, she showed me all the tricks to be able to move around in the community and still maintain my energy level - like using the buildings' elevators to go up the hills in downtown Seattle. Never would have thought of that on my own!  She was even able to help me put the memory strategies I learned in Speech [Pathology] into practice in real life.  Through my treatment with her, I had the confidence to return to part-time work."


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